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About Us


Russh Hospital is Tirupati’s one of the best Centre specializing in Laser treatment for Gastroenterology problems. The Centre specializes in providing piles treatment in Tirupati (Haemorroidectomy), Treatment of Anal Fistula, Treatment of Anal Fissure done with the use of the Holmium Yag Laser. Hernia Treatment with Laser is another specialty of the Centre with all hernias ( Inguinal, umbilical, Incisional, Hiatal) being tackled Laparoscopically with Laser. Our conversion rate to open from Laparoscopy has been typically under 1%. The Centre boasts of highly skilled specialists who have spent years training in treatment of Gastroenterology problems and then spent additional time training in Laser treatment. All this treatment translates to virtually painless surgery being done with early recuperation for the patient. Cost of treatment is kept to a minimum with affordable quality laser surgery at no extra cost. Affordable quality surgical care has always been our vision. Patients are highly satisfied with high quality care at minimum cost. The Centre is equipped with The Auriga Holmium Yag Laser which is a very versatile tool which helps in surgery for the Gastro Intestinal Tract. Surgery is bloodless, pain free and recuperation is very quick. Through the laparoscope, the laser works wonders and helps in prevention of adhesions. Force Triad Vessel sealing device helps in bloodless and painless surgery. Harmonic scalpel with High definition imagery makes Laparoscopic key hole surgery a walk in the park. The Centre location opposite of Tirupati corporation. Tirupati makes it highly accessible to all from Rayalaseema and Nellore. Friendly nursing staff and administrative personnel abound and look after the patients every need. The Centre warmth and personal touch is unparalleled.